5 Steps to personalized campaigns

Every company, especially in the digital world, tries to collect data about its customers. Just think of how many stores offer you a customer card or how many e-shops ask you to register. But do you feel that customer data is really being used and that companies are hitting the mark with their advertising?

We've put together a few points that can be used in communication with customers to bring the communication closer to each of them. We've taken it from the simple to the ones that most people think need a bespectacled analyst from MIT, but it's important to at least get started.

Step 1: Hello Mr. Smith

This is the form of personalization we probably encounter most often. Companies collect your name and then use it elegantly in their outreach. It's a custom thing, but not all companies have it. If you use outreach, especially in email marketing, not only will you improve customer relations, but you'll stand a much better chance of getting through the often insidious spam filters.

According to our data, subject lines increase open rates by up to 35 percent. People just like to hear their name. But beware, everything in moderation. Keep your outreach to premium campaigns only, or it will become stale and your campaigns will lose the touch of humanity we strive for.

Step 2: Him and her

It's not for nothing that they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. So let's run our campaigns smarter from Earth. Especially with fashion e-tailers or other retailers, men and women's tastes are very different. Finding out the gender is one small box in the registration form or can be found out from the name automatically, of course not 100 percent, but according to our data about 98 percent of people from the country can be accurately determined.

Try to create an AB test. Send half of the emails to everyone equally regardless of gender and divide the other half into men and women and create a customized version for each. You'll see that click-throughs and conversions will be better with the targeted version. Of course, this doesn't apply at Christmas, where, on the other hand, people often buy gifts for their significant others.

Step 3: What would you care

If your e-shop offers different product categories, you can try to find out which categories would be of interest to the customer after registration. The best way to do this is to create a form where they simply tick which products they would be more interested in and explain that it's just to receive relevant communications.

Of course, you don't have to target every email after that, but if you want to target some campaigns here and there, customers will appreciate it.

Step 4: But we have the data

It's probably clear where we're going. The previous point comes in handy, but we certainly have the data on our customers, so we can create these groups automatically. Define your typical customer groups and the appropriate tools will automatically put customers into groups.

You can then use the data to create tailored story campaigns for each segment. Sounds like work, that's for sure, but a biker would always rather open an email with "New biker clothing collection" than "New clothing collection". Take the time with your customers and they'll appreciate it.

Step 5: Tailor-made for everyone

In fact, we can go even further and create messages that are downright tailored to everyone. You have data about your products, tours, events or service offerings. You simply upload them into the appropriate tools. You upload measurement scripts to your website to keep track of what interests which customer. What they look at on the site, what they put in their cart, what they actually buy. 

Then, based on that data and smart algorithms, you can add exactly the things that appeal to each customer to their email. Some products have accessories or other merchandise to go with them, and other products people buy repeatedly. Artificial intelligence recognizes the patterns correctly.

Of course, every business is different and these are just the basics. If you'd like to learn more about how to bring personalization right into your business, email me the link to your website at tomas@owlcure.com and we'll go over it and write more.