Find your persona

Part of a content marketing strategy is defining the buyer persona. It's basically the cornerstone on which you then build further. Based on the persona, you create and direct your marketing activities in the right way. But what is a persona? We can think of it as a fictional person with certain characteristics that, taken as a whole, create a picture of your ideal customer.

Let's say you own a coffee shop...

Somewhere in the city, close to downtown and several universities. Your cafe will have a modern feel with a little bit of hipsterism. Your prices will be quite reasonable by local standards and in the middle class. Now think about what your typical customer looks like?

There is a lot of information you can use and explore, but it is important to focus on the information that will be of practical use to you. We have selected some of the main elements that you can use to define a persona:

Location: City or village?
Gender: Is it male or female? Consider this, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.
Age: How old is your ideal customer?
Status: Married or single?
Education: This sometimes plays a role too.
Occupation: Is it a temporary worker or maybe high-ranking executives?
Income: What is this person's ideal income?
Hobbies: What are his hobbies and how does he spend his free time? Does he or she like to relax? Or maybe takes pictures?
Needs: what needs should this person have? How can you help her?

Johana is a student from a nearby university. She likes shopping, photography and social networking. Johana is the perfect customer for you. At least until the beginning. After that, your base is sure to expand. But Johana is the one who's gonna make sure you get the word out. She's a modern-day element. She'll come to the café, order, snap the perfect photo, which she'll share immediately before settling down with her friends and enjoying her coffee in peace. 

What is a buyer persona good for? 

There are several reasons. First of all, because in today's world, when the online space is more than crowded, it is so important to have targeted ads and overall precisely targeted email marketing and overall marketing in general. Mainly, almost anyone can create ads today and target a precise group based on demographics and psychographics. Remember that your personas change over time as you learn more and more information about your customers. Especially when your business is in its infancy, you will be guided more by personal feelings. But as your business grows, you'll learn a lot more about your key customers, especially their motivations. Thus, you will adapt your buyer persona to this and redefine it according to the latest findings. 

Display your personas and photos in a prominent place in your office and work with them as you create content. Let the magic happen!