How to write Valentine's Day campaign

More and more retailers are realizing the potential of Valentine's Day. Although flower and chocolate sellers stand to make the most money from it, others also have a great chance to take a slice of the love pie. Up to two thirds of Czechs spend on average up to CZK 1,000 on Valentine's Day. 

What does this mean for us? That we should kick-start our email campaign, develop a smart strategy, focus on engaging design and create content that your customers will fall in love with. But we'll give you a bit of advice on all of that first. 

Start in early February

Set the right Valentine's Day mood at least a week in advance. Give a little hint of what your Valentine's Day campaign is about. Of course, keep most of it a surprise. Send your campaign a few days before Valentine's Day so subscribers can use it in time. Send another email to those who didn't open it, just with a different subject line.

Kick the subject

The subject is your chance to make an impression. With so many Valentine's Day emails competing with yours, you need to be sure yours will rock. At the same time, stick to the subject line. Here are a few examples for inspiration:Fall in love at first sight..Make your Valentine's Day a little sweeter..Valentine's Day and (your product). Made for each other.How to say "I love you" in 5 ways

Make them love your offer

Your ROI is practically dependent on your offer to your subscribers, so we'd better make it worth a damn! Think about how your product or service could be beneficial just in time for Valentine's Day. Maybe as a nice gift. Try to deliver it to the customer as an offer that is something only available on this special day of the year. You don't have to go overboard with the text, make a clear offer. If you are into fashion, gastronomy or travel then you have almost won and Valentine's Day is like Christmas for you. Beautiful campaigns that can inspire you at that time are from Milky or Zoot. They take great care with their Valentine's Day campaigns and highlight the uniqueness of this special day in an original way. 

A heart here, a heart there

As for Valentine's Day, the campaigns should have an extra "polished" design. Don't be afraid of hearts and other sweets. After all, it's the symbol of the day! Choose stylized images, use red, pink contrasting with white. Animations, infographics will surely entice your customers. 

Start planning in advance, prepare the right menu for the ideal audience and wrap it all up in a beautiful design.

Use our tips and spread the love! We wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day too.