Make the most of automation - the magic of abandoned cart

Let's say you own a successful e-shop. Traffic is just right and visitors like your products. You have your solid base. But are you sure you've really covered all the nooks and crannies of a successful store? 

Maybe you've forgotten something.

Something that could be causing you to miss out on earnings every day. Yes, we're talking about the abandoned cart.

Basically, an abandoned cart serves as a reminder to your customers that they picked up products from you but didn't complete their purchase for some reason. 

Reasons for abandoned cart

In e-commerce, a large part of abandoned carts is simply a natural consequence of how people browse the web. Many users do not intend to shop right away, but rather compare prices, save products for later, research their options or simply window shop.

But if your customer abandons their cart during the checkout process, there are a few things that may have influenced their decision that you can avoid and make the overall shopping process easier. According to customers, these reasons are:

Overly expensive "extra" fees (shipping, payment style, etc.) The site requires registration before the customer can make a purchaseOverall lengthy purchase processDelivery takes too long

How to get your customer back?

Want to get your customer to come back and complete their purchase? There are a couple of simple ways that companies are using:

Don't be afraid to send the email multiple times. Once just after you abandon your cart and then again a few days later just as a reminder. Personalize, your shopping cart should be designed to really only show the products that the person has put in their cart. Offer similar products to those who have lost interest in their items in shopping carts.Coupons and discounts as a small enticement that can compensate customers for more expensive shipping costs.

When to send an abandoned cart?

The basic rule of thumb is to recognize when you are sending an abandoned cart just for a reminder and when you are already acting too salesy. Depending on the price ranges of your products, you can better decide how often to remind. A customer picking up a new TV for £20,000 certainly needs more time to think than someone looking for a vase for £89. 

We send the first email. Timing and content are key. The first message should contain only the most important information. The sauce around it is unnecessary in this case. According to testing, it is most effective to send the first reminder email 1-4 hours after cart abandonment.

Send a second email. The second email is the perfect time to use discount coupons and give your customers something extra to get them running back into your arms. Ideally, we send the second email about a day after we send the first one to give our customers plenty of time to think about it. If that doesn't work too well for you, you can test and try sending emails after two days.

Shopping carts are a simple tool to increase revenue and overall conversion rate. What's the best part? The abandoned cart works for you.