Targeted email marketing in the fashion industry

Fashion is an area of shopping that all of us get into from time to time, whether by choice or necessity. Whether it's the well-known brick-and-mortar chains, or narrowly focused eshops with formal suits or super cool casual fashion of the hysterical variety. There are plenty of options and every customer is different, yet most companies still communicate with customers the same way. Sign up for our newsletter, here's our trendy new winter collection and here's a few t-shirts on sale. Whether it's for the businessman who shops once a year because he just has to, or the shopaholic who looks in her closet 5 times a day. Couldn't we do it smarter?

Content is king

The first and most important thing to remember with any marketing strategy is that content matters. Sure, copy the product names from the web, slap some photos on there and I'm done in 10 minutes. I'll send it to everyone in my database and they'll catch on. Most of the time they do, but if you can take your content to the next level and make your customers feel cared for, the results will skyrocket.


Who is your target group? Does your fashion relate to any lifestyle, sports, social events and occasions? Print out some example outfits that can be created from the treasures of your showroom wardrobes. Think about each one separately. What do these people like? What are they interested in? You probably sell fashion that interests you, or at least there are people on your contact list who wear just that. Find out what topics they are specifically interested in.

Fashion people

Just try not to sell a new collection or discount. Tie your products to things your target audience is interested in. How to properly align yourself for the office, how long should the beard be in the latest lumpersexual style. Or tips for interesting mountain trips where our super warm jackets will come in awfully handy. You'll figure it out.

There is no man like man

Divide people into groups that make sense. Does anyone shop with you once a year? Then they probably won't appreciate the weekly message in their inbox and you'll quickly go to spam. Do you sell fashion to multiple audiences? Split them up and work with them individually. Yes, it takes work, but a biker on his new Harley is definitely not going to be riding around in that beautiful polka dot dress from the new collection.


Really smart emailing software will make your job easier. They will create segments for you on the fly or at least help you significantly. All you have to do is add creative content. And yes, it just so happens that our Owlcure solution is one of them:)

Respond to user behaviour

Has a user joined the email list? Then welcome him nicely. Did he buy? Thank him for his purchase and ask for reviews and tips for improvement. Hasn't purchased from you in a while? Subtly remind him. Does he shop with you often? Give him a small gift. Does the lady follow the spring dress category on the website every week? Then treat her to one in the mail.

These are just a few examples. But the bottom line - link your email marketing to your website in processes that make sense and guide the customer through the buying and non-purchasing journey. At the same time, watch as passers-by slowly build a community that promotes your store itself.

Doesn't that sound better than the classic flyer or newsletter you normally create? Do you have a fashion eshop or retail store and could use a little spice? Email us at and we'll work something out together or #nomoresales