website personalizer Gets site to the next level by personalized layers

Get your current website
With Owlcure Personalizer, it is easy to personalize any kind of website.
Add oa.js analytics script
OA can analyze customers, make personalized blocks, or evaluate campaigns result.
Make your content dynamic
Now it is easy to set up your personalized website blocks for each visitor.
Own design
For item based panels, we use your current templates on site. You don't need to design anything again. Items look and work the same as the version without personalization.
Connect anything
It doesn't matter which kind of items do you want to personalize. Products, articles, events, services, traveling, tickets.... We make it work on anything.
The platform is analyzing visitors in real-time, and it usually returns a personalized block within 0.5s. The visitor doesn't catch the switch in the eyes.
Clear pricing
We only charge you for the page views which you can even find in your google analytics. It doesn't matter how many API calls we need to make.

What can you do with panels?


Homepage product recommendation

The homepage is the usual landing page for customers who already know your company. AI will give the best products based on their previous behavior and interests.

Related products

Help visitors to navigate through your website smoothly. On each product detail page, owlcure will choose products which are the most similar.

Cart upsell

Visitor already added the item to the cart. Great! Owlcure will recommend items which are often bought together to the previous one.

Quick notification

Sometimes you need to say quick information like This is the best seller in the category. The last piece in inventory. Somebody just bought this item.

Free delivery bar

One of the best e-commerce benefits for customers is free delivery. Set up minimal order amount and let it know to the customer in the bar.

Notification bar

Are you in the middle of limited extra promotions? You can add a countdown to your top bar to let people know and make them buy in time.

Lead capture popup

Here is where it starts. Ask for a piece of contact information in the right time by the proper lead capture form.

Offer popup

Do you need to deliver a personalized popup with high impact? Try out popup but be careful about the timing.

Monitor how it works

We measure the results of all the panels. In the reports, you will see how many times owlcure analytics show panel, how many times visitors see panel, panel-driven revenue...

Set up view conditions

Do you want to show the panel every time or restrict conditions? You can choose on which sites you wish to panel shows, the period of showings, device types or how many times to repeat.

Have you known that?

is average sells increase with implementing personalized experience
of shoppers more likely buy from shops offering personalized content
of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized
of executives said that personalization has a direct impact on sales

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